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How Smoking Kills Intimacy and How to Prevent it from Crashing a Relationship There really are just a number of personalities that people have among themselves and one trait that people least desires is being into smoking. Being a smoker right away brings in a number of risks not just to them but also to a partner who is just not into smoking, which, will then lead to a number of problems in the long run as the relationship grows. One of the most obvious things that will be at risk is not just the relationship alone but smokers will then put their partners in a dangerous scenario, having a smoker to be around with a non-smoker partner. So the overall idea on how it will then end up is that a relationship with such setup will then basically lead to a number of problems and arguments in the long run, until the problem is put down. Basically speaking, the only way to have such problem lifted is when smoking is removed out of the equation but what if there is a possible way for you to keep such without having to risk going through problems and arguments on a daily basis? In this article, we will not just talk about the possible negative effects of smoking habits to a relationship but also discusses about a possible way to get away with having arguments without risking the smoking habits as well.
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For men who smoke or men who are in a relationship with a smoker women, the risks that will then show up has something to do with reproductive health, both affecting the overall quality of the sperm and greatly reduces count. Another thing about it is that men’s hormonal concentrations will then be hit so hard. Which leads to confirming that erectile dysfunction is a possible health problem that men will encounter, as well as impotence. To give birth to a child that is under the average of being healthy also is a common problem that women smokers encounter, not to mention that this also boosts the risks of encountering miscarriages.
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For non-smokers, secondhand smoking also is an issue that is encountered more, which, more often than not, is rather more risky to people who don’t smoke. When you are to look into the general idea, regardless if either or both are smokers, the possibilities of having problems with your child will be high. Because of this risk, people have then decided to consider electric cigarettes since they just hold a number of benefits right away, which not just removes the possible smoke emitted from the cigarette but also assure that this brings no harm, considering that the mixture is engineered to be safe overall. The reason behind such is because of the fact that these are designed in a way to help smokers to be able to control their smoking habit in a more effective way possible, without risking the overall relationship.