Increase Your Personal Value to Improve Relationships

One key concept that can help us to improve our ability to find new relationships is the concept of personal value. Personal value is the level of value that we have as a person in the eyes of others.

House Analogy

An example that can help to outline this concept of value is to look at the value of house. Every house has some level of value for what it can be sold for. This value will typically go up and down and can be impacted by many things including how the homeowner takes care of the property, any improvements they have made, and how the neighborhood surrounding it changes. The key thing to look at in this example is that the value of the house constantly goes up and down and there are things that the homeowner can do to improve it.

Just like the value of a house, we as individuals have a level of value. Everything that we do and say can make our value go up and go down in the eyes of others.

What impacts our value?

When you assess the value of any item, you typically look at many different things. The same holds true for personal value. Here are some examples of factors others can look at when assessing your level of value.

Physical appearance: Just as the appearance for a house or car can impact the level of value others place on it, the same holds true for personal value as physical appearance places a factor. It is important to note that this is not just our looks. It is also our level of fitness, fashion, and grooming. It can also be impacted by our body language. Many people are unhappy and discouraged when it comes to their own physical appearance but we each have a tremendous amount of control in this area.

Social qualities: How somebody interacts with others will impact the level of value that others give them. Qualities like being nice, funny, and interesting can increase someone’s value. Being boring, difficult, and rude can decrease someone’s personal value.

Intellect: Level of intellect can impact someone’s value. This does not mean that having college degrees is high value and not having college degrees is low value. This more refers to someone’s ability to learn and understand things while interacting with others..

Emotions: The depth of one’s emotional capacities can impact one’s level of value. The ability to care for others, sympathize, and empathize can increase one’s personal value. On the flip side, if someone has a very shallow emotional capacity, their value can be negatively impacted.

Finances: Value can be impacted by someone’s financial strength and status. It is important to note that financial strength is not synonymous with having a large amount of money. Someone could have a low level of income and have financial strength by making good financial decisions and being fiscally responsible.

Mentality: One’s mental strength can impact their value. Mental strength can be displayed by qualities like stability, rational decision making, confidence, etc.

Please note that these just a few examples of things that could impact the level of personal value one might have in the eyes of others. If you agree that some of these items could impact your level of personal value, and you agree that increasing your level of value could improve your relationships, then it could make sense to spend time and energy in areas like these to drive positive results.

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