Self Esteem and Your Relationships

People with high self esteem are more likely to succeed in life and be able to find happiness. They have learned to value themselves. self esteem and self confidence go together and is found to be a turn on. People will find it very sexy. When we value ourselves we will also become successful in our relationships and in our marriages. You might ask why that would be it is because before the two shall be come one we must be one by ourselves. We must be whole on our own other wise we are constantly looking for others to bring us up and make us feel better about ourselves.

Self esteem is the ability to know what our good qualities and strengths are even when we are not feeling good about ourselves because of something we have done or said. It is the ability to see our short comings and love ourselves anyways because we know we can learn from it. We never give up on ourselves because we are not perfect. We are worthy of love even if we are not perfect.

Learning to love your self is a gift, a wonderful gift that you can give yourself. How do we learn to do this? We do this by not being negative about where we are now and make plans to become a better person. We need to start a journal. In this journal I want you to first write the answers to a couple of questions. What do I want out of my life? Where do I want to be in one year? Five years? How about ten years? When we make plans we are essentially setting goals for ourselves.

Write in the journal every day how you feel about yourself. Now write five things you like about yourself and five things you would like to change. We are figuring out what will make us happy. What is important to us. Then once we figure out where we want to be we need to start figuring out how we can meet our goals. In the journal that you are keeping write down what steps we need to take in order to get to where we want to be. When we write things down we can see where we have been and where we are going. It reminds you of what you need to do achieve your goals.

Now while we have made our goals we now need to separate them into three categories. One is the ones we have obtained, another one of what is right now with in our grasp and then the last one should be ones that are just slightly out of our reach but still obtainable. Remember this will be different for everyone.

We do not want to put down something like I want to win the lottery. We all want to win the lottery but having that as a goal will only set you up for a fall and we are not looking for that we are looking to improve ourselves and to become the person we want to be. Put a star next to the ones that you can accomplish today.

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