Building a Stronger Relationship Over Time

Relationships grow and survive on communication and respect. They are like tender plants that need to be nurtured and grown into beautiful plants. In the din of every day life we often forget to pay attention to our relationships unless and until some crisis develops and we find that we have lost out on communication altogether. Go through the tips given below and practice them every day to build stronger relationships that last a lifetime.

1. Keep your communications going with all members in your family. It is important that you keep one to one communication constantly with all the members in your family including your mom, dad, sisters, grand parent, spouse, kids including extended family and your in laws. Healthy relationships are good for the well being of the entire family.

These are your supports in life and stand by you in times of crisis or joyous occasions. Be it weddings, birthdays or funerals, your family is the one that gets involved.

2. One other relationship that matters to you most outside of your immediate family is with your friends. Your friends are for a lifetime. Where ever they are and however they are as compared to your, it does not really matter because nothing comes in between your friendship. You should make time to spend quality time with your friends even if it is once a year. These relationships are for a lifetime and matter most to you.

Communicating with your friends and staying in touch with them via telephone or emails and exchanging information on what is happening with each other gives you immense happiness and strengthens the relationship. All it needs is very little time and keeping communication going.

3. Make life interesting for yourself as well as for others in your family. Do not forget birthdays and anniversaries and bring them gifts for the occasion. To gift something to some one you do not really need occasions. Spring surprises on people by bringing them flowers or gift them a book or take them out for a movie and treat or simply surprise them by coming home early one day.

These small little gestures can bring a smile on their faces and watching their eyes shine bright with joy and happiness gives you a lot of satisfaction. Relationships are meant to be loved and nurtured.

Hard times do come but then they do not last. However what help you to withstand the hardships is the strength of your relationships and the support of your family backing you during your hard times. Life is short and hence it is important that you remember to maintain your relationships and tell them that you love them everyday.

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