Managing Your Relationships Successfully

Caught up in the buys lives, we forget or take for granted our relationships with our family and loved ones. While relationships thrive on communication and attention, we seem to forget to communicate and take people for granted unless and until we face a situation, which makes us realize this fact. Let it not be too late that the bridges are burnt. Adapt these tips in your life and learn to manage successfully your relationships.

1. As a member of the family, you have a relationship with every individual. Therefore it is important that you maintain a one to one relationship with all the members including your parents, brothers, sisters, kids, spouse including in laws and extended family. Keeping continuous communication going with each member is good for the well being of all in the family.

Remember always that these are the people who matter to you most and stand by you. They are there to celebrate each and every occasion be it a birthday party or wedding anniversary. They are beside you at funerals too.

2. Outside of our immediate family, the people who matter most are our friends. Our friends whom we grew up are never forgotten wherever they are and however they are. Friendships that are formed in childhood last a lifetime. But then you would need to take time to find your friends and keep in touch with them.

Spending quality time meeting your friends once in a while is very good for your health as it makes you very happy. In day-to-day life you can always take off a few minutes to catch up with a friend over the phone or via email to say hello and find out how he is doing. Just this communication is enough for friendships do not require much to be spoken.

3. You need not keep showing your family that you care for them only by words, but show them by deeds to. Very simple and mundane things can make people happy. When you remember some ones birthday and wish them early morning with a small present or present small gifts like books, flowers without any occasion or in appreciation of some gesture works wonders. You can even take your family out on a dinner followed by long drive or surprise them by taking leave and staying at home to help with cleaning.

You do not have to follow any protocol to show people that you care. Just follow your heart and do things in natural manner. A bit of thoughtfulness and care goes a long way in making others happy as well as making you happy.

Life has its ups and downs. While going is good, you have no dearth of friends and acquaintances; it is during hardships that you really find the strength to go on with the support and backing of your family and your relationships. Time and tide waits for none. As the poem goes, do not waste a single moment to let them know how much you love them.

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